Tinyteenyhands is named after tiny Tinas teeny hands.

That sounds complicated, but it's simply about my idea of making a difference with the help of children.

Hi, my name is Kristina Baum and because of my size of 1.55m I am called "ntombancinci"(=little girl) in South Africa. I finished school in summer 2018. My A' Levels were focused on education and social affairs. In the theoretical field, I learned a lot about early childhood development, learning strategies, children's thinking & behaviour, etc. In the practical field, I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in kindergartens and primary schools. You could almost say since I'm no longer a child I want to focus my career on working with children. I'm so fascinated by children.


That's why I flew to South Africa for a development volunteer service for Transcape NPO to work in a preschool for one year. This was my best decision, because Mankosi was love at first sight.
From the beginning, I fell in love with the country and the people. But after a few weeks I had to realize that not everything is perfect. Pollution causes locals to fall ill and harms the income of farmers and fishermen. My idea to hold workshops on the topic for two months grew with my
passion for the project and which gave rise to the current version of tinyteenyhands.

check out Transcape NPO and the amazing work they do

"You drive a very long way by car and notice on the last kilometers that you have driven all way with the handbrake on.

What are you doing? Leave it on?"

Every day I work on the further development of the project. I like to learn more and more about environmental protection, but I see that many people are closing their eyes to this issue.What is the reason for this? I am often told that it would be of no use if they did something as individuals, because our environment is already destroyed. Then I ask them a question: