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The aspects of poverty, environmental protection and education are taken into account in the interplay between tinyteenyhands and precious plastic. 

1.Step: preschool workshops on environmental protection

The workshops will consist of three days.

On the first day, parents are told why the workshop takes place. In this way, parents should also be encouraged to have an environmentally friendly way of life.

The theoretical part takes place on the second day.

Children are taught the importance of a green planet in a playful way.

On the third day there will be a beach cleanup with the children. This day will be used to show the children that waste does not dissolve into air. Since the children find not only waste on the beach, but also, for example, corals, crabs and even stranded marine animals, they receive valuable knowledge about marine biology. 

2.Step: Recycling company 

A small recycling company is to be built in Mankosi. In this, the focus is placed on plastic recycling.With the help of precious plastic machines, it is possible to make          

new objects out of plastic wasteThe plastic waste is cleaned, shredded and then melted. There are no limits to object making, but at the beginning the project wants to focus on smaller objects.
These objects are to be manufactured by the machines of                                       . Plasticpreneur professionally and sustainably recreates precious plastic machines.


3.Step: Sale of recycled objects

The successful sale of precious plastic objects is already being implemented worldwide. Whether in India, Switzerland or America as good as in any country, a workspace where plastic is recycled can be found.

Since 2013, the number of production of 100% recycled bowls, flowing, watches or even skateboards has been steadily increasing.
The objects are sold in Mankosi to the international and local guests of the backpackers. Since they are relatively small objects, such as earrings or key chains, it is easy for guests to pack their souvenirs in a suitcase. 
precious plastic bazar is also used to achieve a wider range.